10W Warm White/Daylight PIR LED Flood Light Security Light - Sensitive 180° PIR Motion Sensor Up to 12m Detection Range - Waterproof IP65

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This light automatically turns on when motion is detected, making it ideal for remote locations, garages, pathways, sheds, security, and lighting dark areas. We equipped it with a rotation-able sensor to make sure that the light will work no matter mounted by sitting type or mural type. This security flood light uses the latest LED technology, so it has extremely low energy consumption, yet is super bright and powerful.
This motion sensor floodlight can also be used as a way to notify that someone is approaching your home and as a way to offer minimal security against intruders. This simple lighting solution is a great way to add safety, convenience to your home.
3 Settings available on the sensor:
"LUX"- switch to "SUN", sensor works all 24 Hrs; to 'MOON' the sensor works only at night.
"TIME" -set the light duration time, from 5 seconds to 8 minutes. 
"SENS"-adjust the sensor's sensitivity to movement.
Motion Sensor Specifications:
-Detection distance: up to 12m( 40 feet)
-Lighting delay from 5 seconds to 8 minutes
-Detection range:180° twistable up and down, left and right
Technical details:
-Volt: 85-265V
-Wattage: 10W
-Waterproof IP class: IP-65
-Beam angle:120 degree
-Lumens: 100 lumens/Watt
-Color temperature: 3200K (warm white); 7000K (daylight);
-Lamp Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
-Working Temperature: - 40 to + 45 Celsius

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