Bright Durable LED Address Numbers - Custom Lighted Address Plaques - Weather Resistant LED Address Signs w/ 3 Set of Number (0-9)

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Friends and delivery men can't find your house in the dark? Make your house number warmly visible with this friendly design, LED lighted address plaque!
Bright welcoming color
The light features an LED panel illumination. 5 pieces of 1W LEDs are lined up on a panel, giving out more evenly distributed light compared to point source of light.
The glass lens and sealing marine glue distribute the light nicely, and provide excellent visibility for people to spot your home.
Die-cast aluminum body adds both style and function to your home's exterior. It can resist water, heavy rain, dust, corrosion and all rugged weathers, and provides long service life.
Easy installation
Three sets of number stickers 0 to 9 are provided in the kit. Customize your own address plaque and mount the unit on your home's siding with the included hardware. Remember the distinguished single light that had been leading Gatsby's hopes and dreams? Restore the classic movie scene today for your loved ones -- so tomorrow they will run faster, stretch out their arms farther, and get back to your lovely home earlier.
- Light source: LED
- Material: die-casting aluminum and PC
- Waterproof rating: IP65
- Lumen: 450lm
- Color temperature: 3000K
- Wattage: 4.8W
- Size: 240*60*122mm
- Weight: 409g

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