RGB LED Glass Edge Lighting Kit: 4pcs RGB LED Glass Shelf Lights + RGB Controller + IR Remote + Power Adapter for Glass Shelf, Glass Cabinet, Countertop, Liquor Shelf, Book Shelf

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Ornate your glass or acrylic shelf in a classy way you've never seen before!
Clip the U-Channel easily on the edge of glass shelf, and let the glass naturally and evenly disperse the light. Different from traditional backlighting and under-shelf lighting, the light distributes right through the glass, making your shelf look as if it was in a high-class club or showroom. Ideal for home and commercial displaying.
Magical color
Using the RGB LED controller and IR remote included in the kit, you can switch between multiple and single color options. It can achieve 13 different static color displays - White (W), Red (R), Green (G), Blue (B) and other mixed colors in RGB - and 2 dynamic color changing effects (jump and fade).
Store temperature sensitive collections
Alcohol storage requires strict temperature control especially for wine. With near zero heat emission, LEDs are able to add color to drinks without affecting their taste or safety.
Easy installation
4 clips can fit glass of a maximum thickness of 10mm. All clips can be controlled simultaneously with one RGB controller when connected via the 4-socket hub. Power adapter comes with a 1-meter cable and a toggle switch.Connect them, and set your cabinet / closet glow with mesmerizing light to highlight your proud collection now!
Kindly reminder:
Please choose high-quality glass or acrylic for best light diffusion effect.
Input voltage: AC 110-120V, 0.3A
Output voltage: 12V, 420mA
LED: 3 pcs SMD LEDs/clip
Material: stainless steel

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