Anti-glare LED Desk Lamp - Portable Reading Lamp with 3 Different Lighting Modes (Cold, Warm and Natural) - EM211

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This lamp is perfect for your home and office by providing safe, discreet, bright, radiationless and efficient white light. It do no harm to your skin and eyes. This dual -chip LED desk lamp has 24pcs white LEDs and 24pcs warm white LEDs which provides you 3-level lighting modes. Its memory function can “remember” the last setting whenever you turn it off and turn them back on.Our lamp has 3 different color temperature and 5level brightness.
3 Distinct Lighting Modes
Cold Light Environment (Studying Mode) increases attention & concentration with high-range color temperature (5500K)
Natural Light Environment (Reading Mode) stimulates concentration & reduces eye strain with mid-range color (4000K)
Warm Light Environment(Relaxation/Bedtime Mode) encourages a deep sleep with comfortable soft light (3300K)
Charging input: USB 12V/1500mA
Length :65mm 
Switch mode: touch switch
Color:silvery white
Material: ABS

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