1m/3.3ft Aluminum V-Shape Channel for flex/hard LED Strip Light w/Oyster White Cover - Emulational Neon Effect-V01

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This model has a slant of 45 degrees, are perfect for heat dissipation, a problem common when LED strips remain lit. Oyster white PC cover will soften the light,along with the customized deeper channel to create an emanational neon effect. It provides a perfect surface to mount LED strips in, and a perfect straight groove. The product will achieve the precision one desires.
This kit includes the channel, covers, caps,and mounting clips needed for a complete aluminum channel installation.It can be used extensively in window,counter, store front and door frames.
Tip:this channel is sold by meter.You can add as many meters as you need and connect them together seamlessly.
Side length: 18mm/ 0.70 inch
Inner diameter: 12.4mm/ 0.49 inch

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