Custom Lighting LED Linear Tube Light 12V MX-V 48" Cold White

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This is NEW custom lighting tube made by your order. LED-Mate is a custom lighting LED linear and strips assembly workshop, assembling custom lighting withany length up to 84" .

Let us know:

Your custom lighting aluminum LED Linear tube length requirements and wire lead length needed (the wire from fixture to power transformer). 

Contents in the package: Led linear (custom lighting), DC wire with CLEAR color (or black as request) sleeve on it. a few pairs of 3M Dual Lock adhesive backing.

Note: 12V DC power supply with AC wire (for direct plug-in to 110~240V AC power source). power supply sold separately.


LED Linear Basic Technical Data:


- Color Temperature:

Pure White: 6,000-7,000K (recommended for jewelry cases)

Neutral White: 4,000-4,500K

Warm White: 3000K-3500K

Cold White: 8000K-10000K    

Blue, Red, Green, RGB Color Change

- MX Series - Standard Brightness:

        Electrical Consumption: 0.08W per LED, approx. 5W per foot (including circuit & electric components usage)
        Number of LEDs: 54 SMD LEDs per foot
        Optical Output: approximately 270~290 lumens per foot
        Maximum tube length: desired custom length, up to 68 inch

- MXII Series - Top Brightness (recommended for jewelry case lighting):

        Electrical Consumption: 0.21W per LED, approx 13W per foot (including circuit & electric components usage)
        Number of LEDs: 54 SMD LEDs per foot
        Optical Output: approximately 650~680 lumens per foot
        Maximum tube length: desired custom length, up to 68 inch


LED Linear User Benefit:


  • LED Type: 110~120° beam spread, high brightness SMD LEDs used, making the light output smooth and even.

  • Energy Concerns: Low power consumption, use small portion of electricity. High intensity. Dimmable function available.

  • Unique Heat Sink: Patented internal high efficiency heat sink design for maximized diode life.

  • Connection: Linkable connecting cables end to end, if needed.

  • Color Options: Red, Blue, Green, Warm White, Cool White, Multi-Color Changing; Cool White (6,000~7,000K is the most popular choice).

  • Supporting Medium: Velcro - 3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fasteners as backing adhesive (Glass to Glass), non-rotatable, fixed 45° angle.

  • Optical Lens: Thin clear acrylic top cover (only 1mm thick), maximizing the light transmitting rate (approximately 92% being reached).

  • Low Profile: Bright dip anodized finish aluminum extrusion profile; elegant, attractive, professional look. Low profile Led linear lighting is especially ideal for space limited applications.

  • Low Voltage: Powered by UL listed 12V DC switching power supply, completely safety operations.

  • Comparisons: Flicker-free, instant on/off, very little heat given off, shock/vibration resistant, Led linear lighting is ideal for fluorescent replacements.

  • Jewelry Illumination: Total internal reflection is an important factor of critically cut diamond, this is what gives it maximum sparkle.

  • Environmental Benefits: Solid state lighting without mercury and UV or IR radiation, save environment.

  • Maintenance: Minimized maintenance hassles, typically leaving there for years without trouble.

  • Warranty: Two year manufacturer warranty from California



LED Linear Applications:

jewelry display lighting, retail display lights, display case lighting, under cabinet lighting, under counter lights, kitchen cabinet lighting, cove lights, rv interior lighting, under shelf lighting and more.



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