360W DC12V ON/OFF Switch Power Adapter - PTC Fuse Protection Distributed Power Supply

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Wall mount CCTV power supply provides 12V DC distributed via 18 fuse protected outputs for powering CCTV cameras, heaters and other video accessories. Ideal for installation of up to 18 CCTV cameras.
Each circuit is individually protected by a hard wired fuse, safeguarding cameras, DVR's from short circuit. PTC fuse technology automatically protects each power outlet. Once the over load or short circuit is removed, replace the fuse. An actual internal power supply is enclosed in the power supply box. The metal box provides protection for the power supply and circuits inside.
The power supply box comes with a 6 feet power cord. Pro-size box provides plenty of space for wires. It is divided into low voltage and high voltage sections to protect cameras from high voltage damage. Mounting flanges allow easy wall mounting.
General Protection
Each output has a fuse and LED indicator. When problem occurs, it will only affect the individual output instead of all other outputs.
Short Circuit Protection
When short circuit occurs, individual fuse will cut the circuit; when short circuit is removed, replace the fuse with a new one.
High Voltage Protection
When high voltage occurs, the high voltage protection will be enacted to protect the connected devices.
Over Load Protection
When over load occurs, the power supply will automatically switch to self-protection status; when condition is removed, switch will go back to normal.
Input voltage: AC100-120V/AC220-240V
Output current: 18 x 0.5mA fused outlets (20A Max)
Output power: 360 watts
Dimension: 320(L) x 230(W) x 65(H)mm

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