3 Channels DMX-512 Controller Decoder for LED RGB Product Multi-functional Full-color Controller

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Each DMX common controller occupied 3 DMX address, adopt coding switch is setting DMX original address code from 1 to 9, 1 is the lowest, and 9 is the highest , 511 address code could be setted in all. This DMX common controller adopts the advanced 
micro control unit, receives standard DMX-512 digital control signal and transformed it into PWM signal to driving LED. 
With over 30 preprogrammed color changing patterns, including gradual changing, screening and jumping, our DMX controller offers a variety of display options.. As a powerful color managing controller, it will enable you to choose the desired pattern and appropriate speed to manage your RGB LED lighting fixtures.With 0 to 100 dimming grades, you can also control the color and brightness according to your requirements easily, and mix up to 1 million different colors.The LCD monitor on the controller offers an easy and visible managing method; the mounting bracket will enable the operator to easily fix the controller onto any place.
Each DMX common controller occupied 3 DMX address, adopt coding switch set address. The max output power is 144 watts, enable you to connect 20M RGB strips of 150LEDs or 10M RGB strips of 300LEDs.
-Working temperature: -20 to +60 centigrade
-Output: 3 CMOS drain-open output
-Connecting mode: common anode
-Product size: L166*W67*H41mm
-Net weight: 340g
This controller gives any uses full lighting manipulation to meet almost all applications need by allowing users to control all colors, hue, and brightness of the RGB strip light.

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