Portable Multi-function Aluminum LED Demo Case - High Compatible LED Tester Test Meter Test Box for Light Bulbs Testing, Sample Display with Pulleys and Telescoping Rod

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This is a compact version of our multi-function portable LED demo case. It is assembled with high-grade aluminum alloy framework, handle and buckle, easy cleaning Acrylic laser engraving exhibition board, and stainless steel on the edges.
This LED test box is compatible most universal LED lights: GU10 (AC), E12 (AC), E26/E27 (AC), MR16 (DC) bulbs. The model of each lamp holder is marked on the exhibition board for your convenience to quickly locate what you need. Besides the main switch that controls all sockets, each lamp also comes with one independent switch.
Indicator gauge is used to display the wattage, annual power consumption, current, input voltage, PF (power factor) and current frequency of AC LED products. As for its accuracy, refer to the following list for minimum values:
Wattage: 0.001 W
Current: 0.001 A
Input voltage: 0.1 V
Power factor: 0.001 PF
Current frequency: 50.00/60.00 HZ
Annual power consumption: 0.001 KW/H
Max measured power is 999.9 W; go beyond this it would show HHHHH
There are two dimmer controls in the case, one for DC 12V output, the other for E26/27 socket. When a light is connected to the DC 12V output, you can control the brightness with the rotary knob dimmer on the left. When testing an E26/27 base light, put the toggle switch to “DIMMABLE” and control the AC LED product with the 5-position dimmer.
Inside the case, a storage slot is designed for storing light bulbs and other tools. Our test box includes an extended cord and wire clamp that can be used to test external lights (both AC and DC).
Input AC voltage: 120V
MR16 lamp socket DC 12V
1. This equipment does not support DC appliances test.
2. Annual power consumption indicates 1 year power consumption of the appliance under test (365 days, 1 hour per day, a can set by user).
3. To reduce the risk of electric shock or product damage, protect the inside of the case from water or liquid.

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