FL-TG3A-10W LED Flood Light 10W

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LED Flood Light TG3A series 30W,

Key Features 
* The third generation of flood light heat sink 
* Ultra Slim sleek design, stylish and classic. Full 
range from 10W to 200W 
* Reflector and heat sink integrated 
* Innovative G-buckle technology, prevent glass 
off, free of screw fixing, elegant appearance, easy 
for assembling 
* PHILIPS 3030 as lighting source, High CRI above 
80Ra, over 100 lm/W

Replacement Table 
LED Flood Light    Metal Halide     CFL 
      10W                 35W          15W 
      20W                 50W          30W 
      30W                 75W           50W 
      50W                 100W         80W



 Garden Lighting, 
 Park Lighting, 
 Billboard Lighting, 
 Landscape Lighting, 
 Building Lighting, 
 Stadium Lighting, etc. 

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