12V 3W RGB MR16 LED Light Bulbs - Multi-color Changing LED Spotlight w/ IR Remote Control, Bead Surface Lens - Standard Size

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This LED light bulb can be hooked up into any standard MR16 light socket. Apart from obvious advantage of being energy efficient, low power consumption and environment friendly, this LED light bulb actually comes with its very own remote control that enables you to take charge of how bright you want the LEDs to be.
It is a IR remote controlling 1pc LED RGB spotlight, works with a 3W output power to give about 90lm compared.Controlled by IR remote, this RGB spotlight achieves 16 static colors, 4 light modes, 25 gradual changing and 25 jumpy changing.
A new kind of Bead Surface Lens, which will get most from the LED lights by giving out a light with symmetric faculae and high light transmmitance, no spots and no shadows.
-Large scale lighting: exhibition hall, museum, reading room 
-Mood lighting: KTV, club, saloon
-Local lighting: corridor, washroom, carpot, night light, indicator light, advertidement lighting
-Decoration lighting: architecture, garden sight, showcase

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