12V 2Watt Nano-ceramic Dimmable MR11 LED Bulb - Warm White/Daylight LED Spotlight

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TorchStar new model Nano-Ceramic MR11 2W spot light. This durable LED light bulb is with more than 20,000Hrs lifespan, attributed to the Nano-Ceramic material and well designed heat-sink.
And of course, this LED lamp will result in money saved by lowered utility costs.(Pure white is available) Comparison of this 2W LED bulb and 15W Incandescent lamp(8hours / day over 1 year):
Power Consumption Comparison
Electric consumption of LED 2W bulb: 2W × 8Hrs × 365=5.48Kwh;
Electric consumption of 15W Incandescent bulb: 15W× 8Hrs × 365=43.8Kwh 
Electric consumption ratio: 650%
Life-span comparison
LED: approx ×20,000Hrs; 
Incandescent bulb: approx × 1500Hrs;
1 LED bulb =13 Incandescent bulb
Comparison result
LED light bulbs are more energy efficient than Incandescent bulbs, which means to save more on your electric bills.
Indoor night light, cabinet lamp, table lamp, display scene, artwork lighting, jewelry show case etc.

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