110V 6W GU10 LED Bulb - Beam Angle Adjustable LED Spotlight (25° 40° 55°) - 2700K Warm White GU10 Base SHARP LED Chip for Home, Recessed, Accent, Landsacpe, Track Lighting

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As part of our new state-of-the-art product line, this 6W GU10 angle-adjustable spotlight is unique with its adjustable beam angle and high brightness (Also available in MR16 base), which is perfectly suited for recessed, track and landscape lighting applications in residential and commercial retrofit installations.
Adjustable angle:
With the unique adjustable beam angle design, you can switch the beam angle between 25 degrees, 40 degrees and 55 degrees to change this light bulb to narrow flood, flood and wide flood light and produce diverse light effects. You pay for one bulb but obtain three different lighting effect!
-Narrow flood GU10 (25 degree): focused intense light. Use a single light or use a group of light to illuminate a small area or an object with strong light
-Flood GU10 (40 degree):a combination of focused and flood lighting
-Wide flood GU10 (55 degree): light spreads out over a larger area
Therefore, no matter what the room is used for, how your furniture is placed, how tall your ceilings are, and what effect you are trying to achieve, this spotlight is your one-size-fits-all solution!
Operation steps
1. Push the lens upwards gently 
2. Screw the lens to your required beam angle (25/40/55) 
3. Press down lens and fix the beam angle
Cutting-edge material:
The cutting-edge thermoplastic material and insulated power driver protect users from electric shocks. The special engineered arc-shaped grooves and ventilation slots enhance the convection and bring superior cooling effect. Raw material’s high radiation ratio enables it to dissipate heat quickly, and consequently brings excellent cooling effects, which directly contributes to a longer and more stable service life.
Using this 6W LED flood light to replace your old 35W halogen bulb can cut you electric bill significantly & immediately. Its estimated yearly cost is about 1.92 dollars (based on 8hrs/day, 11¢/ kWh, cost depends on rates and use) while a halogen is 11.24 dollars.
Base: GU10 (Also available in MR16 base)
Life span: 30,000 hours
Size: Φ50*60 mm
Wattage: 6W 
Power: AC 110V 
*Lumen: 25 degrees: 320LM
40 degrees: 350LM
55 degrees: 330LM
CRI: 80
Color temperature: 2700K 
Dimmable: no

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