110V 7W Dimmable GU10 LED Bulb - Warm White/Daylight LED Spotlight - 50W Equivalent GU10 Base - 500 Lumen 36 Degree Beam Angle for Home, Recessed, Accent, Track Lighting

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As a part of our new state-of-the-art product line, this 7Watt GU10 LED light bulb is a big leap compared with the earlier model and also the brightest in the same series.
Assembled with cutting-edge thermoplastic material, this LED light comes with an insulating body and a completely insulated power driver. This design protects users from electric shocks. Thermoplastic material was recently introduced into the LED industry and has incomparable advantages over traditional aluminum material besides itspretty ivory-like look. Its high radiation ratio enables it to dissipate heat quickly, and consequently brings excellent cooling effects, which directly contributes to a longer and more stable service life.
Cooling fin:
The specially engineered prismatic grooves and ventilation slots enhance the convection and bring superior cooling effect. It safeguards users against being burnt by the heat sink when replacing bulbs.
Flexible dimming options:
Purchase based on your needs. We have dimmable and non-dimmable versions of this light bulb. For dimmable 
version, please click here.
Using this 7W LED down light to replace your old 60 halogen bulb can cut you electric bill significantly & immediately. Its estimated yearly cost is about 2.24 dollars (based on 8hrs/day, 11¢/ kWh, cost depends on rates and use) while a halogen is 19.3 dollars.
Let's do a math:
Electricity consumption of LED 7W LED bulb: 7W × 8Hrs × 365=20.44Kwh; 
Electricity consumption of 60W halogen bulb: 60W× 8Hrs × 365=175Kwhh;
--Comparison result: 
1 LED bulb = 1/7 halogen bulbs
Long life span:
LED spotlight: approx. × 30,000Hrs; 
Halogen bulb: approx. × 1500Hrs; 
--Comparison result: 
1 LED bulb = 20 halogen bulbs
Life span: 30,000 hours
Size: Φ 50*60 mm
Wattage: 7W 
Power: AC 110V 
Lumen: 450LM (warm white); 500LM (daylight);
CRI: >80
Color temperature: 2700K (warm white); 5000K (daylight);
Beam angle: 36 degree

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