UL-Listed Dimmable 5W LED PAR20 Lamp - E26/E27 Base PAR20 LED Bulb

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LED PAR20 5W is a direct replacement for 40W incendescent and 7W CFL bulbs and provides up to 85% energy saving over incandescent. With long life, low energy consumption, no hazardous mercury, this LED PAR20 5W is setting the benchmark for price and performance.
Here is an convincing example,LED bulb VS 40W Incandescent bulb (8hours / day over 1 year):
--Power Consumption Comparison
Electric consumption of LED 5W bulb: 5W × 8Hrs × 365=14.6Kwh;
Electric consumption of 40W Incandescent bulb: 40W× 8Hrs × 365=116.8Kwh
Electric consumption ratio: 700%
--Life-span comparison:
LED: approx × 50,000Hrs;
Incandescent bulb: approx × 1500Hrs;
1 LED bulb = 33 Incandescent bulb
--Comparison result:
This LED PAR20 5W lamp is energy efficient than Halogen lamps, which means it will help you to save more on your electric bill.
Where to use this LED bulb
-Architectural lighting, spot lighting.
-Industrial Lighting for factory, storage,warehouse;
-General Lighting;Commercial building lighting: 
-Hotel Lighting for ceiling lighting, bedside/table lighting;
-Public place lighting for street/road lighting, subway/train station lighting, bridge lighting;

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