12Watt 4-inch ENERGY STAR UL-listed Dimmable Retrofit LED Recessed Lighting Fixture - Warm White/Daylight LED Ceiling Light - 850LM 85W Equivalent Recessed Downlight

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This 12W recessed LED light is designed with 2700K or 5000 Kevin color temperature and wide beam which provides soft ambient light. It is perfect for general indoor lighting in office, study, living room, kitchen, dining room, display case, under cabinet, etc. With 850 lumen brightness, it outperforms most similar 4inch recessed lights in current market.
The ENERGY STAR qualification guarantees incredible energy-saving performance. It is an ideal replacement kit for your old 85W halogen light with an estimated yearly cost of 1.45 dollars (based on 3hrs/day, 11¢/kWh, cost may vary depending on rates and use). Halogen bulbs emit a lot of heat and use a lot more energy than standard lighting.
Swapping them with a more energy-efficient LED bulb will help you convert your house to a "greener" lighting system instantly. This product comes with an Edison screw base adapter and self-retained spring clips, which makes the conversion extremely easy. No other tools or components are needed.
Meeting all standards UL sets for LED lighting, this product will deliver incredible performance you can count on for ages. Electric wires are all hidden behind the ceiling and won't wear off after years of heavy use.
Electric consumption of 12W LED light: 12W × 3Hrs × 365=13.14Kwh; 
Electric consumption of 85W halogen light: 85W× 3Hrs × 365=93.08Kwh
Yearly cost of 12W LED light: 13.14 Kwh x 11¢=145¢
Yearly cost of 85W halogen light: 93.08Kwh x 11¢=1024¢
Cutting size:
Diameter: 108mm/4.25inch
Height: 129mm/5.01inch
Lamp size:
Outer diameter: 5.08inch
Height: 3.43inch
Package includes:
1 pc 12W LED recessed light

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