PINK 16.4ft (5m) Flexible LED Strip Lights - 12V 2A 300LEDs/600LEDs 3528 SMD LED Light Strip

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16.4ft/5m 3528 PINK LED strip light use super bright SMD LED as light source, and can be fixed on uneven surface and any arrow or small space for its high flexibility and 3m self-adhesive tape on the back. You can cut the strip light every three LEDs (as a loop) according to your need, cut neatly along the golden soldering incising line and mix (rejoin with easy connector) to match lengths of your application.
LED-MATE Flexible PINK LED Strips not only use less wattage than halogen and incandescent equivalents, but even utilize less energy than fluorescent bulbs, and unlike CFLs, don't contain any harmful chemicals inside! They have an average life span of over 50,000+ hours, and cost less than fluorescent bulbs.
Our waterproof Flexible LED strip gives total lighting flexibility to mount seamlessly in any size or space, put next to no drain on your electricity bill, and regardless of the weather conditions exposed to, they will never fail due to extreme weatherproofing and rigorous quality control testing. While the non-waterproof strip light usually installed indoors, but you can mount it with our Aluminum Channel to achieve special lighting effect or waterproof use.
Our LED strips hook to appreciate AC adapter in one easy step, bringing you all the convenience of waterproof, durable, long lasting and efficient lighting. Through advanced heat displacement technology, and low wattage, they'll fit in almost any home application you can think of.
There are some details for reference:
300LEDs 600LEDs
Voltage: DC 12V
Voltage: DC 12V
Power consumption: 24watts 
Power consumption: 48 watts 
LED destiny: 60 LEDs/M, 300 LEDs/5M LED destiny: 120 LEDs/M, 600 LEDs/5M
Beam angle: 120 degree Beam angle: 120 degree
Life span: 50,000hours Life span: 50,000hours
Dimension: (L)5000*(W)8*(H)2mm Dimension: (L)5000*(W)8*(H)2mm
Dimension: (L)5000*(W)10*(H)2mm Dimension: (L)5000*(W)10*(H)2mm

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