16.4ft (5m) Dreamy RGB Color Chasing LED Strip Light Kit: Waterproof Flexible Chasing LED Light Strip + RGB Controller + 24-key IR Remote + UL-listed Power Adapter - 5050SMD 150LEDs

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Our Chasing-effect Strip Light is designed to establish nice ambiance with efficient,full-color LED lighting,featuring in up to 14 different chasing effects. Flexible RGB LED Light Strips has low power consumption with long life time that can be used creatively for interior and exterior decorative lighting. These color chasing LED lights comes with a wireless IR controller that brings a lot of style and color to hotel,meeting room,offices,hospitals,schools,factories, commercial lighting, shopping malls, supermarkets, kitchen, display, backlight, home indoor lighting, etc.
-Voltage: DC12V
-Output Power: 24W
-Current: 2A
-Beam angle: 120 degree
-PCB board width: 10mm
-LED strips dimension: L5000mm x W 10mm x H2mm
-LED density: 150LEDs/5M, 30LEDs/M
-Waterproof rate:PU adhesive
-3M self-adhesive tape on the back
Feature in multiple chasing effect
This strip light features in multiple chasing effect that rarely seen in the similar products. Color effects include but 
not limited to following:
All color or less colors chasing from left to right, right to left
All color or less colors flow from two terminals to center and from center to two terminals
All color or less colors trail into left or right or two directions in turn
All color or less colors spread to left or right
All colors in jump, flash, queued, auto-cycle mode
Easy installation
The easy-plug 4-pin end on our LED can be easily hooked up to controller and the UL-listed power adapter that are included in the combo. 3M self-adhesive tape on the back; Cuttable every 6 LEDs (marked intervals) and reconnected by a simple solder or our easy connector. The flexible RGB LED light fits well into customized installations and is perfect for display cases, etc.
The Flexible Chasing LED Light Strip has low-voltage that produces little heat, which makes the strip safe to touch so you do not have to worry about shock or fire danger.It has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours,extremely low power consumption which is great for the environment and your electric bill!
This weatherproof RGB strips light rating is IP-65, can be used in an outside setting and are water-resistant. It is a perfect solution for indoor and outdoor projects including garden lights, porches, decks, patio areas, etc.
Wireless IR controller (with DIY feature)
This 24-key IR remote allows you to create stunning light effects that are limited only by your imagination! By aiming the remote to the controller’s receiver, it will respond to controller within 5-meter in a line. The Infrared Remote Control allows you to choose different sets of colors,adjust the brightness & select from 10 different chasing effects!
There is a DIY button on the remote which allows you to create your favorite color and save it to your controller! Firstly pressing the IC Set button, which will make the controller into the DIY color mode; you can now adjust the color with the up & down arrow keys to increase or decrease the red, green, and blue to create your unique color. Press the IC set key again to save it to your controller. That specific color will show up when the IC key is pressed gain after the power cycle.

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