MEAN WELL 12V 2A AC/DC Power Supply Power (AC to DC) for 12V LED Strip Lights

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Most of LED products require a constant DC voltage or current to operate optimally. They need a device that can convert incoming AC power to the proper DC voltage and regulate the current that flows through the LED during operation.
This Switching Power Supply LED driver will convert 120V 60 Hz AC power to the 12V DC power, required by the LEDs and protects them from line-voltage fluctuations.
It is perfect to support LED lighting system, built-in male connector can plug directly in a controller box with 12V, to provide standard power supply to LED products.
-Input voltage: 100V-240V, 50/60 HZ
-Output voltage:12V 
-Amperage: 2000mAmps
-Power consumption: 25watts 
-Dimension: 5.5mm(L)*2.1mm(W)*12.0mm(H)

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