DC12V-24V Multi-function PWM LED Dimmer Controller with 12-key IR Remote for Single Color LED Lights, Strip Lights

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Adopt the most advanced PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) digital dimming technology, this LED dimmer is designed for single color LED lighting products and stands out for its compact size and multiple functions.
Suitable for both commercial and residential lighting project, this LED strip light dimmer virtually fits all project involves LED flexible/hard light. It gathers the most wanted features and functions for most LED dimmer switch. With its small size dimmer body, it performances as a robust powerful dimmer switch and easy to install and operate. Works with pixel LED lighting, strip light, bar lighting, wall washer, curtain lights and most low voltage LED lighting products.
The compatible 12-key IR remote is divided into four function zones:
On/off & Delay off
Besides the general on/off key, you can press the delay off key to turn off your light 30 seconds later.
Brightness control:
Use brightness up and down key to adjust lighting brightness, press once, grayscale increase two grades, while there are 255 grayscales in total
Brightness select:
25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, four levels brightness, use this key to achieve easy and direct operation
Lighting mode selecting:
1 DIY mode key:press it for 3s, the indicator flicker once,the current brightness has been saved in this key.
2 Flash: single color flash key
3 Fade: single color fade key
4 Flash+ Fade: flash and fade auto change key
Supply voltage: 12V~24V
Output: 1 channel 72W maximum 
Controller dimension:???
Remote dimension:???
Net weight: 28g
Gross weight: 31g
Static power consumption: <1 W
Output current: < 6 A
Package included:
1 pc LED dimmer 
1 pc IR remote

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