DC12-24V 3 Channels DMX 512 Decoder - DMX Driver Controller for LED Lights and DMX Devices

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As a key component of DMX LED lighting, this DMX512 decoder adopts the latest advanced micro-computer control technology and converted the DMX512/1990 widely used digital signal to the analog control signal.
You might have been looking for something that can be used as the connector of PC digital light controller and analog light modulator. This product will just serve your need, since it can be used with DMX controller and compatible with most standard DMX devices.
1. Only feed power to this decoder through power input ports. NO DIRECT VOLTAGE TO DECODER AT ALL TIME.
2. The connection port (green portion on side of this decoder) can be removed from the decoder
Weight: 110g
Output signal: 3Aannel
Power supply: DC 12 to 24V
Operating temperatures: 0 - 50℃
Size: 86(mm) x 51(mm) x 17.8(mm)
Electric current:3A(Max)x 3 channel
Input signal: DMX-512/1990 digital signal
Power output: <216W (24V);<108 W(12V)

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