E26 to E26 Extender Adapter - E26 Edison Screw to E26 Edison Screw Lamp Bulb Socket Extender Adapter

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For LED lights with E26 base that won't quite screw all the way in your existing socket, this E26 to E26 extender would do fine. 
It accepts standard E26 light bulb sockets and extends the base of the bulb by 1.5 inches. It is the ideal solution for bulbs with wide bases that need a little extra room.
At the same time, using this E26 to E26 extender will add another 1.25 inches to the length of the bulb. In case you may want to lower your new LED bulb in your recessed pot light.
The extender is made of high-quality thermoplastic polymer (PBT) and copper. It produces less heat, anti-burning and erosion resistant, 
which effectively prevent fire caused by overheat lamp holders. It is professionally manufactured with metal contact for stable conductivity and outstanding performance.
Additionally, it is small in size and light in weight, you just need to screw a standard base E26 bulb in this adapter, and then screw the adapter to any E26 socket. The E26 to E26 base extender can be applied with multiple voltages, 12V, 110V-120V, and 220V-240V. It is a really good helper for home lighting!
Size: 36.5(Dia.) mm* 59.5(H) mm

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