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This is a NEW custom lighting LED tube made by order. LED-Mate is a led cove lightingcabinet lighting, display case lighting, and strip lighting assembly workshop, making any length up to 84".

Let us know:

1. Your custom aluminum tube length requirements and wire lead length needed (the wire from fixture to power transformer).

2. Your Led cove lighting bracket option, ("L" or "I" type stainless steel bracket, or "Acrylic" bracket, three options), if not mentioned, standard "L" brackets will be automatically applied.


Contents in the package: Led cove lighting tube, DC wire with CLEAR color (or black as request) sleeve on it, rotatable stainless steel brackets (a pair) for aluminum edged top, metal screws.

Note: 12V DC power supply with AC wire (for direct plug-in to 110~240V AC power source). power supply sold separately

Alternative supporting medium would be Rotatable Clear Acrylic Brackets (a pair) come with a little bottle of special glue to be used (no screw-in needed), for 90° glass to glass application.  


LED Cove Lighting Basic Technical Data:

Color Temperature:

Pure White: 6,000-7,000K (recommended for jewelry cases)

Neutral White: 4,000-4,500K

Warm White: 3000K-3500K

Cold White: 8000K-10000K    

Blue, Red, Green, RGB Color Change

- MX Series - Standard Brightness:

        Electrical Consumption: 0.06W per LED, approx 5W per foot (including circuit & electric components usage)
        Number of LEDs: 54 SMD LEDs per foot
        Optical Output: approximately 270~290 lumens per foot
        Maximum tube length: desired custom length, up to 84 inch


- MX(II) Series - Top Brightness (recommended for jewelry case lighting):

        Electrical Consumption: 0.21W per LED, approx 13W per foot (including circuit & electric components usage)
        Number of LEDs: 54 SMD LEDs per foot
        Optical Output: approximately 650~680 lumens per foot
        Maximum tube length: desired custom length, up to 84 inch


LED Cove Lighting User Benefit:

  • LED Type: 110~120° beam spread, high brightness SMD LEDs used, making the light output smooth and even.

  • Energy Concerns: Low power consumption, use small portion of electricity. High intensity. Dimmable function available.

  • Unique Heat Sink: Patented internal high efficiency heat sink design for maximized diode life.

  • Connection: Linkable connecting cables end to end, if needed.

  • Color Options: Red, Blue, Green, Warm White, Cool White, Multi-Color Changing

  • Supporting Medium: Rotatable stainless steel mounting brackets (Aluminum Edged Glass), or Rotatable Clear Acrylic Brackets (Glass to Glass), for perfectly desired light directions.

  • Optical Lens: Thin clear acrylic top cover (only 1mm thick), maximizing the light transmitting rate (approximately 92% being reached).

  • Low Profile: Bright dip anodized finish aluminum extrusion profile; elegant, attractive, professional look. Low profile Led cove lighting is especially ideal for space limited applications.

  • Low Voltage: Powered by UL listed 12V DC switching power supply, completely safety operations.

  • Comparisons: Flicker-free, instant on/off, very little heat given off, shock/vibration resistant, this Led cove lighting is ideal for fluorescent replacements.

  • Jewelry Illumination: You are able to enhance the natural beauty by bringing jewelry color and cut of intricate jewelry pieces to life with dramatic scintillation, brilliance and refraction. Increase your retail sales by illuminating diamonds and gems with sparkle effects under cool white color(6,000~7,000K).

  • Environmental Benefits: Solid state lighting without mercury and UV or IR radiation, save environment.

  • Maintenance: Minimized maintenance hassles, typically leaving there for years without trouble.

  • Warranty: Two year manufacturer warranty from California



LED Cove Lighting Applications:

jewelry display lighting, retail store lighting, display case lighting, under cabinet lighting, under counter lights, kitchen cabinet lighting, cove lighting, rv interior lighting, under shelf lighting and more .



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