Dimmable DC 12V 3W MR16 LED Bulb - Warm White/Pure White LED Spotlight - 35Watt Equivalent - 330 Lumen 45 Degree Beam Angle

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This low voltage LED light bulb is widely used as up/down/accent lighting source to serve both residential and commerical lighting purposes.
It features in
1) Low energy consumption and high energy efficiency
2) Zero Mercury, no hazardous materials
3) Long lifespan and high brightness 50W halogen bulb replacement
4) Stardard MR16 compact size light bulb with GU5.3 bi-pin base suitable for 12V light socket
5) Easy installation: unplug the old halogen light bulb and plug LED bulb in as replacement
LED bulb VS Incandescent bulb (8hours / day over 1 year):
--Power Consumption Comparison
Electric consumption of LED 3W bulb: 3W × 8Hrs × 365=8.76Kwh;
Electric consumption of 30W Incandescent bulb: 30W× 8Hrs × 365=87.6Kwh
Electric consumption ratio: 900%
--Life-span comparison:
LED: approx ×20,000Hrs;
Incandescent bulb: approx × 1500Hrs;
1 LED bulb = 13 Incandescent bulb
--Comparison result:
LED light bulbs are more energy efficient, environmental friendly and cheaper than Incandescent light bulbs.
-Large scale lighting: exhibition hall, museum, reading room 
-Industrial lighting: factory, storage, warehouse
-Local lighting: corridor, washroom, carpot, night light, indicator light, street / road lighting
-Public lighting: architecture, garden sight, showcase, subway, realway station

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