UL-Listed Dimmable 8W A19 LED Bulb - E26/E27 Base Globe Bulb - 270 Degree Beam Angle

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Available in a choice of color temperatures including: warm white, cool white and daylight, this high quality 8W E26/E27 LED bulb provides instant illumination to a wide variety of spaces around your home.
The warm white version is perfect for creating a cosy and inviting ambiance and has color temperature of 2800K, alternatively for brighter appearance natural white is ideal and has a color temperature of 4000K,while the color temperature of 6000K is close to the appearance of daylight.
Equivalent to 50W-100W incandescent bulbs, and 9W-13W CFLs, this LED bulb consumes 8W power to ensure significantly reduced electric bills and carbon emissions. Featuring an impressive 50,000Hrs lifespan, this energy efficient LED bulb is retrofit,which means it is simple and quick to fit.This retrofit LED bulb ensures of long lasting and reliable use and allow you to enjoy the fantastic benefit of reduced electric costs,all while helping to protect the environment.
LED bulb VS Incandescent bulb (8hours / day over 1 year):
Power Consumption Comparison
Electric consumption of LED 8W bulb: 8W × 8Hrs × 365=23.36Kwh;
Electric consumption of 70W Incandescent bulb: 70W× 8Hrs × 365=204.4Kwh
Electric consumption ratio: 800%
Electric consumption of 13W CFL bulb: 13W× 8Hrs × 365=37.96Kwh
Electric consumption ratio: 62.5%
Life-span comparison:
LED: approx ×50,000Hrs; 
Incandescent bulb: approx × 1500Hrs; 
1 LED bulb = 33 Incandescent bulb
Comparison result:
LED light bulbs are more energy efficient, environmental friendly and cheaper than Incandescent light bulbs.
-Large scale lighting: exhibition hall, museum, reading room,office, bedroom 
-Industrial lighting: factory, storage, warehouse 
-Local lighting: corridor, washroom, carpot, night light, indicator light 
-Public lighting: architecture, garden sight, showcase, subway, realway station

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