6W LED PAR20 Lamp - E26/E27 Base PAR20 LED Bulb

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Warm white and daylight available, total 6W output with 45° beam angle and about 500Lm, to replace the 75 watts incandescent bulb.
Long life-span features up to 20,000 hours, achieving a high-quality replacement for 75W Incandescent PAR20 lamps. The spotlight is designed for standardization,which is compatible with all kinds of traditional PAR light fixture.
Standard E26/E27 fitting of LED spotlight, easy to install. This lamp will give out same light as 75W Halogen does, by using less than 20% energy compared to Halogen lamp,which means less expenses on your bills.
Here is an convincing example,LED bulb VS 75W Halogen bulb (8hours / day over 1 year):
--Power Consumption Comparison
Electric consumption of LED 6W bulb: 6W × 8Hrs × 365=17.52Kwh;
Electric consumption of 75W Incandescent bulb: 75W× 8Hrs × 365=219Kwh
Electric consumption ratio: 1150%
--Life-span comparison:
LED: approx × 20,000Hrs;
Incandescent bulb: approx × 1500Hrs;
1 LED bulb = 13 Incandescent bulb
--Comparison result:
Now we can tell from the comparison: LED lamp is energy efficient than Halogen lamps, which means it will help you to save more on your electric bill.
Where to use this LED bulb:
-General Lighting;
-Industrial Lighting for factory, storage,warehouse;
-Hotel Lighting for ceiling lighting, bedside/table lighting;
-Public place lighting for street/road lighting, subway/train station lighting, bridge lighting; 
-Commercial building lighting: 
-Architectural lighting, spot lighting.

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